Yiannis Christodoulou

15+ years experience in Web Development industry 👨‍💻

Yiannis Christodoulou

Hi, I am Yiannis Christodoulou.

I was born in beautiful Rhodes island of Greece.

I am a passionate and self-motivated Full-stack Software Engineer, who is dedicated to delivering high-quality web applications. My primary languages of choice are JavaScript and PHP, and I am experienced in using React and Laravel to develop web applications. Over the past year, I have also worked with Python/Django and have enjoyed expanding my skill set.

As the Founder and Lead Web Developer at Web357.com, I have successfully built a few commercial extensions forJoomla! and plugins for WordPress that currently have over 8,500 subscribers.

I am currently working as a Full-stack Web Development Consultant at HelloWorld.gr, a Global Software Consultancy company, where I help clients build scalable and robust web applications.

My expertise in web development spans across a range of tools, libraries, and frameworks, including PHP/Laravel, Python/Django, ReactJS & React Native, Nodejs, Styled Components, React testing library, Jest, Cypress, CSS, SCSS, LESS, HTML5, TypeScript, Gulp, Strapi, Next.js, VueJS, Docker, AWS, and Phing. I have also worked with ElasticSearch, Vagrant, RabbitMQ, MySQL, MongoDB, and other technologies. Additionally, I possess a wealth of knowledge in Open Source Content Management Systems like Joomla! and WordPress.

You can download my CV in PDF format.

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